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Our proven three-pronged approach to

preventing Human Trafficking is comprised of

Hotel Outreach, Jail Outreach and Community Outreach.

This approach has helped the LSDC lead women

out of human trafficking since May of 2021.


Several teams of staff and volunteers across the state of North Carolina distribute supplies, food, and hygiene items to those living in hotels, the homeless, and individuals residing in local camps. Our teams specifically focus on hotels that are locally known for drugs and prostitution.

Call or Text : (919) 721-9143


Weekly, our teams meet with female inmates to teach English, Math, Speech, Life Skills, and Music classes. This allows Life Springs Dream Center, through Cry Freedom Missions, the opportunity to create unique and special relationships with the inmates in order to help them with services upon re-entry to the community.

Call or Text : (919) 721-9143


We help families stay together by providing basic necessities and in many cases, the furniture they need. Our goal in partnering with DCFS is to help loving families avoid separation, provide support to families who are in the process of reunification and ultimately help close their case.

Call or Text : (919) 721-9143
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